We are the representative of Kashrut Badatz Beit Yosef, the biggest Kosher Certification in Israel and the west world.It's operated under New Icon International Limited.

expands over many areas and companies throughout Asia, its main branch located in Hong Kong, including more than 47 places in China, Korea, the Philippines, and countries in Near East and Far East Asia. Likewise in the Middle East, FE-KOSHER is known in Israel, the large center of kashruth, and is in contact with kashruth providers in Israel.
FE-KOSHER is compose of professional staff, headed by Rabbi Netanel Meoded.
The Rabbi meets with staffs in various plants in order to explain the significance of the FE-KOSHER kashruth symbol to appear on the products, in an unique and personal visiting with each and every enterprise.
A company under the supervision of FE-KOSHER will bear its kashruth certificate with its name, the address, the original stamp of FE-KOSHER, the signature of the head of the FE-KOSHER Rabbinical Court, a hologram, and the kashruth symbols of the Rabbinical Court of FE-KOSHER. The company should ensure that the certificate is valid and that the date stamped upon it has not lapsed. A photocopy of a certificate does not ensure the kashruth of the establishment. (Certificates must not be photographed. If you see a photographed certificate, please inform the offices of the Rabbinical Court of FE-KOSHER.) The certificate is in black, the stamp is colored , with the signature of Rabbi Netanel Meoded.
Following are names of large and distinguished companies under our supervision.
Among the companies in China certified by FE-KOSHER:
China AAJK Biochemical Group Corp.
CORDIGN Nutrition & Health
NOKALO Foods Inc.
Howen rprise Co.Ltd.
Zagroup Ltd.
NinGAH Kingxiner Biological Engin Co. Ltd.
Oing Baof Co. Ltd.
NOA Vitamins Inc.
Shan McFood Co. Ltd.
Shiiaz Phara. Group
Tomy America
Dalian Hulian Food Co. Ltd
Dalian Guofu Aquatic Co.
CI Cheil Jedang
Dlice Co.
Mane fragrabces flavours co., ltd
Rafi Ninio
Jiahon Fish
TGI Technology Ltd
Foshan Nanhai Winner Co. Ltd
Best Food Co Ltd
Shanghai Apple Flavor Co
A.D.A Food Ltd
Alaska Food Ltd
Singshin Daising Frozen Co.
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As the representative of the biggest kosher certification in Israel and the west world, the FE kosher is uniquely positioned to provide the most trusted and responsive service.

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