FE-KOSHER strictly observes confidentiality.
It is natural for you to be concerned about sharing your secret production processes that may include various materials and confidential procedures regarding products produced at your factory.
Therefore, we have prepared this page to assure you that FE-KOSHER will guard the information entrusted with us and will not reveal any information that has been revealed to us.
FE-KOSHER is a renowned name for honesty and experience in kashruth for hundreds of pharmaceutical products, chemicals, flavorings and foods throughout Asia and China. You can, therefore, feel good and confident to give us access to the information we need – and feel that we will not violate your trust.
It is important to ensure you that all the information that you provide us with will be held in total confidentiality. Indeed, our promise of confidentiality is explicitly explained in all our kashruth agreements.
FE-KOSHER requires disclosure of proprietary and other information regarding production and processes. We have personal information of all components in your production. Nevertheless, most of the time when possible we do not demand to know actual percentages of individual components used in any specific formula.
Our organiztion has over 140 branches around the world, such as USA, South America, Europea, Isreal.
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As the representative of the biggest kosher certification in Israel and the west world, the FE kosher is uniquely positioned to provide the most trusted and responsive service.

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