Who buys kosher?

The Jewish market

Jewish consumers constitute approximately 45% of the kosher market. Integrated Marketing Communications reports that approximately 2.5 million Jews consume kosher food products. The Islamic market Millions of Moslems around the world keep to a dietetic regimen similar to that prescribed by the Jewish code. Because they know that food products with a kashruth symbol comply with the demands of Chalal food, they are greatly attracted to kosher-certified food. The endless questions from Islamic communities give evidence to the popularity of the kashruth symbol that appears upon a great variety of food products. In fact, products with kashruth supervision have penetrated this sector so much that today Moslems constitute approximately 20% of the kosher market.

The lactose intolerant

Lactose intolerance affects millions of people. Moreover, people allergic to milk can have a life threatening allergic reaction following consumption of the smallest quantity of a milk product component. The Laws of kashruth demand absolute separation between meat and milk. Therefore, products containing milk products must bear the kashruth symbol together with the letter D (to indicate Dairy). The absence of the letter D or usage of the term Pareve (a Hebrew word meaning neutral) ensures that the product is free from the trace of any milk. Lactose sensitive consumers as well as those allergic to milk look for the kashruth symbol because that is their written guarantee that a product does not have any contact with or component of milk.


Vegetarians, for various reasons, abstain from meat, chicken and fish in their diet. The FE-KOSHER symbol or the FE-KOSHER symbol together with the term Pareve ensures that a product does not contain any component of meat, milk or chicken and is therefore suitable for use by vegetarians.

Marketing of your kosher products

FE-KOSHER can act as the connection between your company and the kosher market. FE-KOSHER can direct you to global markets and help you get the edge on the market you are seeking.

The FE-KOSHER logo, a marketing tool that is becoming most important, promotes additional income by expanding the size of the market. Supermarkets prefer brand names with the FE-KOSHER certification because it gives their products a competitive angle and makes their products sell faster. Likewise, the FE-KOSHER symbol can expand a company's private business of labels.

There is clear evidence that the FE-KOSHER symbol accelerates market share, that a kosher product can obtain more favorable shelf space - and that when a kosher product is positioned next to a non-kosher competing brand, the kosher product will achieve 20% better results. This data has remained constant even in smaller cities, far from heavier concentration of kosher- eating Jews. . (Source: Integrated Marketing Communications)

Going FE-KOSHER is an investment your company can make to increase market reach and share. We are ready to support you in any way we can in achieving your goals.

Most importantly, make sure that all your certified products, whether retail or industrial, feature the FE-KOSHER logo prominently on the label or packaging, as well as in your advertising. This will not only help your sales, but will also make your products easily identifiable as kosher by food industry personnel, kosher inspectors, and consumers throughout the world.

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